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Jan. 20th/17: I am thrilled to partner with Vietnam-VisaIf you are like me who loves to travel to eat, make Vietnam your next destination. There is much unique culinary moments to experience such as spending down-to-earth time with locals and eating in a homey setting, on the streets, exploring the floating markets, night markets and walking food tours. With over 10 years experience, officially launched by Vietnam Discovery Travel, it is the first and premier commercial website providing Vietnam visa on arrival for thousands of international tourists annually. Their website receives over 1000 daily visits and 7200+ Likes on Facebook.

Entering Vietnam is hassle-free with the improvement of visa documents. Now foreigners can get Vietnam visa on arrival with no inconvenience if they travel by air because all procedures are online before applicants get passports stamped at arrival airport. Immerse yourself in Vietnam's paradise of local traditional meals and street foods with an unforgettable visit. For more, read my full post Entering Vietnam Made Fast and Easy with Vietnam-Visa

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Nov 18th/16: On November 12th, VizEat (having also just celebrated gaining their 10,000th host) welcomed over 1,000 Airbnb guests in Paris as part of Airbnb's Open-- hosting the largest shared meal in the world with 110 different nationalities attending the event! The Open provided an opportunity for the Airbnb host community to gather in one place and connect with their fellow hosts from around the globe. Paris is now the top destination in the world for home sharing on Airbnb, with more people sharing their homes with guests from around the world than in any other city. For more see post.

Nov 5th: It’s official: VizEat`s now got 10,000 VizEat hosts that are a part of our global community! So whose table do you want to share?

Great news! Only a year after their launch, the community of travel and food crazy VizEaters has grown at an impressive speed - and we can now welcome our 10,000th host! This means there are thousands of people inviting you into their homes and welcoming you to their tables across the globe.

If you want to discover authentic food and local people, now’s your chance! In case you live in Paris and want to give the host experience a try, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you. We’re partnering up with Airbnb Open on November 12th, so if you want to be part of the sharing community, sign up as a host for the event now!

Oct 16th: In honour of World Food Day, we'd like to take you on a world tour of some very special VizEat tables! Discover our most exotic locations where our hosts welcome you to a table in paradise.

This week you'll also learn how to cook pasta like a pro, and we'll let you in on the secrets of the real Mediterranean diet, such as with Carlos' Italian cooking class in Cooks Island.

And don't forget, we're partnering with Airbnb Open in Paris on November 12th, so if you live in the City of Lights be sure to sign up to participate in the largest shared meal event in the world!


Whether you’re a Master Chef or a novice of the saucepan, a traveler at heart or a lover of new meetings, VizEat gathers people who want to make the meal a moment of sharing, conviviality and discovery.
VizEat is the place for travelers who want to find a new way to explore countries and for hosts willing to promote their culture : when the exchange is at the heart of the experience, it becomes unique and authentic.
With VizEat, the table is the first social network !

Have you ever wondered what it'll be like to host like the French? Now you can...

VizEat is a website for "culinary encounters" for people to offer, discover and book authentic meals at local homes around the world. For those looking to discover new cultures, meet new people and share unique moments around a meal as a guest or a host, Vizeat is a platform to make possible this new "off the beaten path" way to travel. This authentic experience is largely adopted by the French, with 72% wishing to share a meal at a local home during their next trip and 55% willing to host travellers at their home around a meal according to a Toluna on-line survey conducted in France in May 2014. VizEat's free insurance covers both hosts and guests, with member profiles being validated every time, providing a peaceful mind on both sides to enjoy the experience.

If you like to meet new people from different walks of life and like to share a real moment around your home-cooked meal whether it be in your home, at a park for a picnic, in your cooking school or includes a local walk before coming back for tea and baked goods, it's up to you... Surveys in the UK and France show that for the guests, the key factor is first to meet authentic people and second to have a nice meal. How VizEat's concept works is as a host, you post your menu, set the price, and receive 100% of the price of the meal when you get a reservation. An additional user fee of 15% is paid by the guest when he books the meal. Why should travellers eat at a local restaurant when there's so much to gain from connecting and dining at yours? Read here for more on how you can become a host or guest.

Enjoy tea in a green Bangkok garden!

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