Kids Can Cook

Cooking together with your family is one of the most important factors to healthy eating. Making the change from cooking for your kids to cooking with your kids can feel like a leap but it's all about taking one small step at a time. Gradually your kids will be more proficient, independent, their confidence will grow and you will reap the rewards of building a stronger family connection and eating more healthily just by cooking together. Of course, it's easier and less messy if you just do it yourself, but if you allow your children to take part in some of the preparations, you will give them a sense of ownership and pride in the final results. And it can be a superb way to motivate fussy eaters to try new tastes and gain confidence with a variety of foods. Preparing meals can be educational; children quickly pick up new skills when they're having fun- they'll learn about weighing, measuring, mixing, spreading, pouring, chopping, organizing and following instructions, as well as finding out how ingredients work together. This translates to everyday life- trying a new recipe is not unlike learning math or problem-solving skills. It takes persistence, resilience, patience and creative thinking- life lessons that is worthy of a messy kitchen!

Feb 14/18-  Announcement: I've taken on the role of Culinary Consultant at Toronto District School Board TDSB's Welcoming Communities for Newcomer Youth and Kids. I will be supporting the newcomers' culinary program (lunch or after school) in 15 schools (and growing), facilitating cooking classes with parents & kids, and promoting the great work by our facilitator hosts and students on social media & through blogging. Unknown to many, the Welcoming Communities division at TDSB is dedicated to ease the transition of both newcomer adults and youth & kids to Canada (within five years of arrival), and to foster a sense of belonging through various programs-- and what better way than to connect and unite over food with cooking classes? :) To read more and see the students in action see: 
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  1. This is an amazing article I thoroughly read I believe, making kids cooking classes And clubs are an exciting way to introduce your child to the satisfaction that comes from cooking for themselves and others.

    1. Thank you Addison! Also research shows when you get the kids involved and they can take part in the menu/dish decision-making and ingredient customization, they are more likely to eat it and enjoy the fruits of their labour! Cheers :D